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Your questions, answered.

Why should I hire a professional hair and makeup team for my wedding?

The Bridal Party are experienced hair and makeup artists with an eye for detail and an understanding of how your look will read on camera, video and in person. We will ensure yourself and bridal party look and feel a million dollars, on a day that you will all look back on for the rest of your lives.

Will our hair and makeup last all day?

The Bridal Party has tons of tricks up our sleeves to ensure your hair and makeup will wear throughout the day. We use the best hair and makeup products in the industry and taylor them to each individuals needs. We will also provide the bride with a mini touch up kit and are always happy to discuss products that you and your bridal party may want to purchase to keep on hand the day of the wedding. 

Why would I consider half/full day touchups if my hair and makeup will wear throughout the day?

You've found the perfect photographer to capture every moment of your wedding day, and the perfect hair and makeup team that brings your vision to life, so why would you consider having The Bridal Party with you once you're ready to walk down the aisle? 

The Bridal Party has experience working with photographers and on photoshoots. We have an eye for detail and we see the things you won't even be thinking about whilst you're celebrating.

The tears of happiness that may smudge your makeup, the kisses to family and friends that may wear down your lipstick, the natural shine that you may get on those hot summer days, or the gust of wind that may blow your hair out of place. These are all examples of the details that we will see and fix, so that you and your bridal party can enjoy the day knowing that you are always looking your best.

How important is it to have a hair and makeup trial?

Your hair and makeup trial is just as important as finding the right hair and makeup team for you. At your trial it gives us a chance to get to know you, your personal style, vision and how you want yourself and bridal party to look on the day. This is also the time to try out your look, make any small changes, and for us to make professional recommendations that will enhance your features and suit your skin type.

I would like a second opinion during my trial, can I invite friends and family along?

Of course! This is your trial, and we want you to leave feeling 100% happy with your hair and makeup. We understand that getting a second opinion from someone you trust will help with the process. We do however recommend that you have no more than two additional people present during your trial.

I want to book my trial for the same day as my engagement shoot, is that a good idea?

Booking your trial on the same day as your engagement shoot is a great idea. The only recommendation we have is to keep in mind that we are trying out the look for your wedding day. If you wish to look different for your engagement photos, then we advise you keep your trial as I separate occasion.

How far in advance should I book a trial?

We recommend that you book your trial for no later than 3 months before the date of your wedding, to ensure availability.

What brand of products does The Bridal Party use?

We use a range of different brands to ensure we have something to suit every individual need, and weather condition. Our kits are stocked with only the best products in the beauty industry. 

Do you provide lashes as part of your service, and do you think they will look good on me?

The Bridal Party's makeup artists are trained and experienced in applying 1 day use false lashes. We offer strip or individual lashes as part of the makeup application service yourself and bridal party will experience. It is not essential that you wear them, but we highly recommend to everyone that they do, even the Mother of the Bride/Groom. They look great on camera and in person, and we always carry a range of lashes depending on the level of impact that you would like. 

Can we bring our own lashes for you to apply?

For hygien and health and safety reasons, The Bridal Party cannot apply lashes that are not unused and from our kit. If you have a preference to which brand/style of lashes you wish to wear and we do not carry them in our kit, please inform us as soon as possible and will we try our best to have them ordered and on hand for your wedding day. These lashes will be added to your invoice as an additional charge.

Why do you charge a travel fee?

The Bridal Party charges a travel fee to cover only our costs. We do not make a profit, and depending on the distance, the fee will cover the time we spend travelling to and from the location.

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